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Crypto for Charity

We began this journey to help those unfortunate around the world with something as simple as mining crypto, who would have thought that mining FLUX with 4 video cards would lead to all of this, I assure you, This thought humbles me and amazes me! I use the Flux Zelcore wallet that is a multi asset wallet so if I do not have your coin please let me know, We will be more than happy to add it to accept any help you and others offer…… thank you

Flux – t1YzbpZ7xftMcF9Dv3CUeJQ4gBCWAafhXVe

BTC – 1G7zpDhphZa1eWB26mfXAaxkvYK5itFqsw

KDA – k:a24714405cb861cd1d94d6f40dcb9bcd301b4edef08eba77128b105079018523

BTCZ – t1YzbpZ7xftMcF9Dv3CUeJQ4gBCWAafhXVe

TRX – TDs4ZKUgTi4rr5vK1pdGpZL7Mxp4sR3Hnm

BNB (BEP2) – bnb15hw2fv8et5uxsnpve5xrzdtgx9tmvdc6pa5nhj

XRP – rGfzFD6F6Z2reWBpamCXw2xkvYKn5tEq1A

ZEN – zngCuoeLSM95dFcSYx5u24tzJ63Dm7S3GNS

STORJ – 0x2ab6f576f6651928deae2dbbe6968cb4ea8c9995

FIO Address – fluxarmy@zelcore

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