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Learning Kits for the Kids

13% Donated/$1,740 To Go
We are a local group in the Philippines sorting up a new project for the children in our local...
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Beach Cleanup Falcon City

0% Donated/$150 To Go
Our teams Love the Beach, the water, and the sand help us to keep the beaches clean and beautiful!!!...
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Kids Movie Night

30% Donated/$70 To Go
We are planning a movie night in Cumana Venezuela, the marketing team is organizing a movie night with many...
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Cookies for Kids in the Hospital

0% Donated/$400 To Go
We would like to raise funds to make cookies and treats for children in the hospital Lorem ipsum dolor...
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More Plants Needed

0% Donated/$2,500 To Go
We need more plants to help fight hunger, we will plant banana trees, peanuts, corn and other fruit bearing...
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